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Our History

Christian Home Academy (CHA) began as a Christian Mission organization in 2001. The primary purpose at that time was to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Home School community. CHA provided an organizational umbrella for home school families in need of guidance, curriculum and testing services. During the early years of the school, the need became obvious for full time students to physically attend school and benefit from the special attention that can only be provided by a smaller private Christian School. In August 2007, the school had grown to 46 full time students and an umbrella covering for many home school students. In 2007, the school moved to the current campus at 16 College Drive, Orange Park, FL 32065. The school has an expected enrollment for the 2015/2016 school year of approximately 100 students.

Gary Lenzi and Lynne Lenzi purchased the school in May of 2009 after a long association with the school.

Gary Lenzi

Gary Lenzi was a teacher at Florida State College at Jacksonville from 1998 until 2005 when the college hired him as an Administrator at the Advanced Technology Center, Downtown Campus developing programs and curriculum for technology based industries. Gary served in that capacity until January of 2009 when the vision for full-time ministry lead to the purchase of CHA. Gary is the founder and master instructor for the Defending the Faith Karate Ministry. for the last ten years. He is a certified black belt instructor since 2000. In 2011, Gary was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. The karate school has been certified through the International Martial Arts Council, The Christian Black Belt Association, The Martial Arts Chaplains Association, Karate For Christ International and The United States Goodwill Tang Soo Do Association. Gary served as chairman of the Board of Trustees at Middleburg United Methodist Church from 2004 until 2006. Gary has been a member of the core leadership team at Evangel Temple Assembly of God Southwest Campus since 2008. As co-owner and principal of the school, he will continue to seek ways to fulfill the call of God on his life.

Lynne Lenzi

Lynne Lenzi was a teacher at CHA for 4 years. Since 2009, Lynne has served as Vice Principal and Director of CHA. In 2010, Lynne was named Business Woman of Year by the National Association of Professional Women in the field of Education. Lynne is a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ with a love of children and a desire to share the Gospel with children, family and friends. Lynne is currently on the leadership team at Evangel Temple Assembly of God, Southwest Campus and is a past president of United Methodist Women at Middleburg United Methodist Church. Lynne is also a first degree black belt in the Karate Ministry. As co-owner and vice principal of the school Lynne is determined to serve our students and families in a way that brings glory to God.