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Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum and Programs


We consider Kindergarten as one of the pivotal years in the life of student. Kindergarten is a very important step to impart the love of learning and instill a good attitude towards school. CHA is committed to provide a solid education that is Christian based. In order to accomplish this goal, CHA Kindergarten utilizes the Bible curriculum from the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) series. Each student is given a Reading Readiness Test to determine whether he/she is ready to learn to read before beginning school. The kindergarten program also tests the motor coordination skills of beginning students. Motor skills are reevaluated throughout the reading program to track student development. Students must do well on each activity included in the Coordination Development Tests in order to learn to read well.


The A B Cs with Ace and Christy (Learning to Read) is phonics based learning-to-read program that prepares students for the individualized ACE PACE curriculum. Our Kindergarten also uses sing, spell, read and write curriculum to reinforce reading and writing skills. The beginning reading program uses the same individualized approach of grading used on higher levels. A number of outstanding concepts, including a unique alphabet sequence, a song for each sound, poems, displays and physical and motor development activities are incorporated into the program.

Bible is the groundwork of everything we do at CHA and is integrated throughout the day. The Bible stories and character development activities stimulate the students’ spiritual understanding and growth as well as assist them in developing moral integrity. Students will learn the wonders of God's world and the reality of our God's love thru Bible reading, scripture memorization and classroom instruction.

After completing the A B Cs with Ace and Christy, the regular Word building (vocabulary), Math, English, Social Studies and Science PACES are incorporated. All in all, Kindergarten is a fast-paced, eventful time designed to make learning fun and enjoyable and to lay the groundwork for a fruitful education and future.

Extracurricular Activities

Students in kindergarten participate in extracurricular classes including Music, Physical Education, Library, Arts/Crafts, Computers and quarterly field trips.

Student/Teacher Ratio

Christian Home Academy strives to have a student/teacher ratio that enables both students and teachers to perform with excellence. Each level takes into account the room size, student age/size, and space requirements for that grade. Typically the student/teacher ratio in each class is approximately 10 to 1.