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The Christian Home Academy (CHA) Karate Ministry is a certified school with an exciting ministry, teaching Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate). Fitness, self-control, and discipline are stressed throughout the program, but make no mistake about it; this program’s ultimate goal is to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Our students are trained to be as skilled with their martial arts as students in traditional class settings. Trainees build confidence as they learn about fighting, while at the same time learning the value of relying on the “Armor of God” and abstaining from violence.

Because we approach this from a Christian perspective, we only teach the physical discipline, mental discipline and scriptural discipline and eliminate any form of Asian mysticism that sometimes is associated with the martial arts in the secular world.

We are a certified school sanctioned through International Martial Arts Council of America, Karate for Christ International, The United States Good Will Tang Soo Do Association, The Christian Black Belt Association, and The Martial Arts Chaplain Association. Master Gary Lenzi is our certified black belt instructor and was inducted into the United States Marshal Arts Hall of Fame in July 2011. Our Tang Soo Do training has been designated, as its own style of martial art. Defending the Faith Karate has been recognized by the International Martial Arts Council of America. Each time a student tests for the next level belt, they are required to perform all the physical requirements for that level in addition to specific scripture assignments, and of equal importance, express an understanding of the scripture.