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Our Approach

We are a Christian Ministry with a primary mission of serving God’s kingdom and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our students, their parents, family and friends while delivering the highest quality education using the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum.

CHA’s unique approach to the education of children is demonstrated in our School/Parent agreement signed by the school and each parent.

It is as follows:

I understand that the school is an integral part of child training of which I am expected to support.

I hereby commit to ensure that my children always witness my full support of school policy and discipline and that if I have an issue with anything related to the school, my children will not be aware of it. I will bring my issue to discussion with the school principal behind closed doors and my child will not be aware of any disagreement with the school. I will ensure that my children understand that the school and the parents are a unified force for the betterment of the child and to the Glory of God.

I appreciate the high standards of the school and will not tolerate profanity, obscenity in word or action, dishonor to God, or the Word of God, or disrespect to the staff of the school. I hereby agree to support the regulations of the school and authorize the school to employ discipline as it deems wise and expedient for the training of my child.

I understand that the school reserves the right, after a parental conference to dismiss any child who fails to comply with established regulations and discipline or whose parents do not assume their responsibilities to the school.

I agree to complete parent orientation and understand and agree to the terms stated on this application.