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As a school, which is entirely using Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum, Christian Home Academy offers dual enrollment with St. John’s River State College to earn college credit while attending the Christian Home Academy as a junior/senior. We also have an articulation agreement with ACE’s Lighthouse Christian Academy. Lighthouse Christian Academy has been successfully educating students for over 28 years and currently has over 5,000 students. Lighthouse Christian Academy is the distance-education provider of ACE. The academy has earned full accreditation with the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). We apologize for all the acronyms.

Florida Virtual School

Christian Home Academy offers dual enrollment under an articulation agreement with Florida Virtual School for all of our students that qualify. Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is an established leader in developing and providing virtual K-12 education solutions to students all over Florida, the U.S. and the world. A nationally recognized e-Learning model and recipient of numerous awards, FLVS was founded in 1997 and was the country’s first, state-wide Internet-based public high school. Today, FLVS serves students in grades K-12 and provides a variety of custom solutions for schools and districts to meet student needs. As of 2013 all McKay Scholarship students taking FLVS courses will have their scholarships reduced by the amount of the FLVS course. This could impact your private school tuition balance so check with the school administration prior to enrolling in FLVS courses.

Florida Bright Futures Scholarships

We also assist juniors and seniors with acquisition of Bright Futures scholarships and dual enrollment with local state colleges. In 1997, the Florida Legislature created the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program. This Florida Lottery-funded scholarship rewards students for their academic achievements during high school by providing funding for them to pursue post secondary educational and career goals in Florida.

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